Kyler cannot make looks neither was mentioned towards the Year dos

Seasons dos

It could be assumed you to definitely while he provides visiting the university, Kyler with his group don’t harass Miguel and his awesome family owed the karate knowledge. That said, it is unknown if the Kyler saw the battle ranging from Tory Nichols and you will Samantha and that escalates towards the the full fight against Cobra Kai and you may Miyagi-Manage youngsters and that ultimately contributes to Miguel’s hospitalization.

Season step 3

Kyler and Brucks are offered are employed of the Kreese to join Cobra Kai. Abreast of viewing Hawk (previously Eli), they know it bullied your in past times, and you may instantaneously mock your. Whenever tryouts occur, Kyler is selected to take on Mitch. The guy seats their tryout beating Mitch in the initiation battle of the shedding back for the his wrestling degree, and you may after that substitute Mitch’s updates on the dojo. Although not, shortly after beating Mitch, he is becoming shown frightened of Hawk, in the event that latter brutally sounds up Brucks. The guy in addition to will continue to bully students at school, most notably drawing a manhood toward Demetri’s cast from the supper.

Kyler afterwards is sent from the Kreese having Robby, Hawk, and Tory so you’re able to bargain good cobra about zoo. The new goal nearly fails as the Kyler, consumed with stress throughout the their trigonometry grades, forgets to take a serpent rod along, but Robby manages to have the cobra while they are not searching, effective Cobra Kai’s regard. On attack in the LaRusso house, the guy matches Miguel looking to payback. Kyler met with the upper hand on Miguel for some of their challenge, because of Miguel recently coming off a major injury hence occurred from the seasons dos finale, but Miguel fundamentally defeats and you will hits aside Kyler once regaining his rely on.

Season 4

Kyler stays on Cobra Kai after the showdown with Miyagi-Carry out and you can Eagle Fang through the Seasons step three. Through the an exercise lesson, Kyler informs their teammates their future intends to see college or university, saying he desires to see ASU rather than Harvard. Tory after that eyelashes away during the him to own shedding the house strive, but according to him one Hawk however turned edges; whenever she points out you to definitely Miguel however beat your shortly after relieving off good wheelchair, Kyler replies that he is nonetheless there, whereas 50 % of this new team (as well as Doug Rickenberger and you may Mikey Miller) prevent. Kyler has also been defeated without difficulty by Robby while in the studies, before regarding seasons. Even though Kyler is not into the number of many others, they are an incredibly able to fighter and something of the best about Cobra Kai dojo.

A little while after, Kyler and you may other student target Hawk before the tournament, on account of him betraying its faith and you may ditching Cobra Kai. Brand new Cobra’s get their payback by reducing Hawk’s mohawk. That it results in his count on becoming dented. And, the category fits their 2nd sensei Terry Silver. Kyler including attends the fresh new Junior Prom together with loved ones. In the All of the-Valley, Kyler desisingles login narrowly defeats Miyagi-Do’s, Chris inside the an excellent even matches to reach this new Quarter-Finals, in which the guy face off with Hawk, now passing by Eli once more. Kyler is actually easily outdone by Eli for each and every round without getting able so you can place a slap, delivering facts discover a primary experience gap between them. Despite his losses, Cobra Kai gains brand new Every Valley Karate Tournament when Tory Nichols beats Sam on the girls’ finals. Adopting the competition, Kyler and his awesome teammates celebrate additional and you may chooses to schedule good earn afterparty during the his family. Kyler following says to Tory in the event that she is future and you will she agrees before he with his teammates consistently celebrate, but unbeknownst to help you your with his teammates, Terry Gold bribed the brand new referee to ensure Cobra Kai would win the newest tournament, which is heard by Tory Nichols.